United Kingdom Current Comenius-Projects (2007)

Project: Art, Music and Dance across Frontiers


Beaver Road Primary School

Beaver Road
M20 2GY Manchester

Great Britain


We wish to join with other schools in Europe in sharing experiences and good practice in the creative arts.

We would like to plan joint projects together for our children and then record and share the experiences of our teachers and children. Our network of schools will produce ideas and projects for other schools in each country to use in future.


M. David How

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Project: Continuing Intercultural Professional Development in Europe


Education for global citizenship unit (EGCU)

University of Glasgow

Faculty of Education St. Andrew's Building

University Glasgow

Glasgow G36NH


The main theme for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) will be representations of cultural media and artefacts from the participating countries, such as iconic works of art, literature, and music, including cultural representations of, and by, migrant communities within these nations. Teachers will be encouraged to appreciate the interconnection between their growing cultural awareness and appreciation, and their approaches to teaching. From the project partners' perspective, 'professional development' for teachers ought to be understood as personal and cultural development, rather than narrower 'technicist' conceptions of CPD. The project will embed research, evaluation, and dissemination from the outset in order to analyse and raise awareness of the impact of this approach on teachers and their professional development. The project partners will develop, evaluate, and disseminate an online (web-based) CPD package for teachers. This CPD will enhance teachers' intercultural awareness, their understanding of the educational applications of technology, and their ability to foster citizenship and intercultural understanding among students in schools. It will also provide a model of CPD that can be utilised to support teacher professional development at all stages, from initial teacher training to induction/ year one and to teachers moving towards enhanced/ expert/ experienced status.

The starting point for this CPD will be an emphasis on epistemological questioning that will require teachers to reflect critically on their current professional and cultural assumptions. They will then be guided through a process that enhances their personal and professional vocabulary and understanding in order to create a framework in which international professional dialogue can take place around critical pedagogical and cultural issues. The CPD will be delivered via an online learning environment (OLE) that will stimulate, provoke, and support teachers, bringing them together within a virtual community of enquiry. This approach will be piloted with, and provided free to, groups of teachers from five EU states, and made available more widely at the end of the Project, following evaluation and assessment of impact.


Alan Britton

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